Adwokat Bydgoszcz Maciej Chmura

Scope Of Services

  • creating commercial companies and partnerships, including registration in the National Court Register (KRS),
  • creating branches and agency offices,
  • creating branches of foreign entities,
  • preparing internal corporate documentation (i.e. Management Board by- laws, Supervisory Board by – laws),
  • modifying corporate documentation of the company in accordance with Corporate Governance rules,
  • making amendments into articles of association and deed of association of the companies, including amendments regarding increasing and reducing share capital of the companies,
  • support in appointment and revoking members of companies bodies,
  • performing all necessary actions connected with adaptation of legal status of companies to requirements of the binding law,
  • support in sale of shares transactions (including consumers protection requirements as well as requirements connected with acquisition of large block of shares in public companies),
  • transformation of commercial companies and partnerships,
  • realization of merger and division of commercial companies and partnerships,
  • commercial companies and partnerships liquidation, preparing legal opinions in the field of the commercial law,
  • legal due diligence of commercial entities,
  • registration of all data amendments made with respect to commercial companies and partnerships into the National Court Register.
  • divorces,
  • separations,
  • alimony procedures,
  • issues concerning the common property division.
  • suspect defense in the course of preparatory,
  • accused defense in courts,
  • convicted representing in executory proceedings,
  • representing in cases related to the claim investigations and compensation in the criminal proceedings,
  • victims representing as a prosecutor in both the preparatory or judicial proceedings,
  • representing in criminal economic cases related with the responsibility of companies board members .
  • preparing agreements drafts as well as preparing opinions regarding drafts of the agreements, connected with conducting business activity,
  • participation in agreements negotiations,
  • preparing drafts of agreements regarding real estate,
  • analysis of legal status of real estate,
  • preparing legal opinions, memoranda and memos in the scope of civil law.
  • preparing drafts of statements of claim in court and arbitration proceedings,
  • preparing drafts of procedural writs to be used in court, administrative and arbitration proceedings,
  • preparing of before judicial documentation (i.e. calls connected with pre-proceedings stadium (call for payment, amicable proceeding summons),
  • preparing drafts of appeals, complaints, and appeals from decisions issued by public authorities,
  • preparing drafts of private arrangements and consent judgment.
  • preparing drafts of motion on declaration of bankruptcy,
  • preparing drafts of writs in the bankruptcy proceedings,
  • preparing drafts of suits connected with exemption from the bankrupt estate,
  • preparing drafts of submission of claims in the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • preparing suits and other procedural writs in the labor law proceedings,
  • preparing drafts of an employment contracts and manager contracts,
  • developing of labor law internal sources (work and salary regulations).


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